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Flying Away to a new Place [championsonward]

Aug. 21st, 2005 | 05:42 pm
mood: crazycrazy

The music was plays games ... dancing and twirling through the air ... like pretty little girls around a Maypole. I could see the notes kissing and caressing each other as we danced. I love dancing- the music dances around me... kissing my skin, purrrrrrrr, licking my lips, mmmmmmm. Love it like I love dusk, so sweet and beautiful. I keep on dancing, and picking and choosing all kinds of pretty things to take on our trip. The pit of my stomach giggling and tickling me almost to laughter. Somewhere in the distance I can hear voices, Lindsey and the pretty poppet Kennedy, plotting their next move while I pace back and forth and I get ready to fly like birds in the sky. Leonardo can feel it too. The music is telling us to be wild... like animals in the jungle. It seeps into my veins and soaks into my bones ... it makes my brain do silly things. The music loves us. My prince looks into my eyes and I can see it pouring into his blood... the music and the soft light around the room.

I twirl and dance in front of my prince as he stares at me in my delight ...I begin to sing out loud, swaying this way and that way, and I know the others are listening... thinking... wondering things... but I don't care because I could eat them all up if I wanted. Their blood would fill my tummy up until I could taste the blood no longer, until their thoughts and their dreams flow within my veins locked forever inside my hollow shell.

Leonardo looks so handsome tonight ... his dark curls, his perfectly tailored suit, his dark eyes... his face is hiding behind a mask of serenity that I can't yet read, but I can still see his lovely eyes with all their lovely lashes right thought it, they speak to me... speak to me all of his evil thoughts and evil dreams and wicked desires. Ooooh ... and I'm pretending to be Death tonight. My long black dress gliding around me as I dance... I too hide my face behind a mask... all smiles and laughter, but inside is all red like someone just tore the flesh off of it... my head seeing far in the distance all that's happening.

I close my eyes and see... see daddy's pain in the distance. Poor little brother. Little miss moppet punched the poppet and almost made the little doll's head roll of the shoulders. Made daddy hiss with anger. Made daddy... almost daddy that he was before. But the moment came and went and it was gone all too soon. But everyone is hurting, and a new face amidst the wolves seems to becoming clear. And then another... and they both bring a slight frown to my face. The world had found it self two more demons with a plague, a filthy plague that seemed to be spreading through everyone like cancer through the air. I didn't want it... I didn't want it anywhere near me!

I stopped dancing, the music still flowing, still making everything glow with its rhythm. I didn't like this... I didn’t like this at all. Didn't think my prince would like it either, not in the least. In front of me was a mirror. And I looked at it. I could see right through me. In fact, I wasn't there at all. There was nothing left of me. I was lost. Lost in the woods once more, drifting down stream, the sun coming up, slowly, creeping into the horizon. And then with a blinding force it washed upon me lighting me up in flames.

"It burns! It burns! Make it stop... please... it burns!" I began to cry, and walked backwards away from the mirror until there was no were else for me to go. My skin and my bones turned to ash and then I was no more, until a light filled me and took me into a place that was neither heaven nor hell. And then I was reborn again from my own ashes. Reborn into the night, and carried with me a plague.

Through the blinding fear I found Leonardo's arms holding me tight and I buried my face in him, trying to find solace in his embrace. "He gave them a soul. A filthy soul," I muttered through the tears. "Now there's four, and all carry the same plague. I don't want a soul. I don't want it to spread to me. I don't want to be infected by such a plague... Don't want it in me." I held him tight, and then the moment passed and the fear was gone and all that was left was the faint notion at the pit of my stomach, making me sick and dizzy and than that too was gone.

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Midnight Stroll [mouths_of_hell]

Aug. 14th, 2005 | 01:41 pm
mood: mischievousmischievous

I cooed and danced and laughed in delight. Finally daddy had let me and my lil' sweet out for a midnight stroll around town. Made my insides curl with delight knowing that finally we would be all alone like we used to be before, I knew it was what my sweet wanted, didn't quiet like the happy family we had built for ourselves now... and it made me a bit sad. My poor boy had been so upset as of late, didn't want to eat, and didn’t want to get all better.

And the night had been most wicked, wicked like a black cat. We had a pretty little party, with fire and pain and sorrow. Made me laugh, made me giggle all the way through tomorrow. Miss Edith had been most pleased and if she hadn’t been misbehaving lately I would have invited her, but alas, she had been a naughty, naughty girl and I had to punish her as such.

The vast evening was young and crisp, just like a Roman Holiday... I really liked Rome. I could almost hear the screams at the Coliseum as the best tore their victims to tiny shreds, and that music was definitely sweeter than any I'd ever heard... too bad my Spike couldn't hear the song, he would've liked it so.

I wondered where we could go from here. Where my love would want to venture, it was almost supper time and I knew he must be hungry. Lil' sunshine had run away... been a naughty, naughty girl, and left my pet all by his lonesome with out a meal. Soon as I find her... ruff! I would break her lil' neck and make sure she stays put like she's supposed to.

The wind in my face felt delicious, and it also whispered things to me. Sweet things, it reeked with pain and sadness, and somewhere far, someone was dyin' at the hands of another bad, bad man. Such a pretty night, yet, I pouted, my love hadn't said a word to me since we left. Was he still mad at me for sleeping with daddy? I didn't want him to be mad at me. Daddy and I were only fun and games, always had been... but my bebe, my beloved Spike, he was my true love, he was the one who always had my heart, I simply loved him so... he had to know that.

Finally I stopped, and walked in front of Spike, arms crossed, a pout forming on my face. "What's the matter love? We're a lone now, aren't we? We're together now, no?"

I searched his eyes but they were hiding from me, hiding behind so much blue. He looked crossed, but I walked closer to him, trying to end the distance between us. "Don't you love me anymore?"

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Eager to find her again [hellmouth_napa]

Jul. 7th, 2005 | 09:23 pm
mood: excitedexcited

The tunnels... They really seemed to go on forever and ever, the perfect way to travel when the light of day was up high shining bright. As I stood there, between the dark corners like a shadow and a thread to all that dare to come down, I began to wonder how and why these tunnels had come to be here. It seemed like such a delightful coincidence, but then again, the whole town was underneath the biggest hellmouth the world had ever seen and didn't even know it. Perhaps it wasn't such a coincidence after all really; perhaps it was just another link, in a pool of many...

The thought made me smile.

That and also the different scents that still filled the air. Death clung to the walls and to the floors like a heavy blanket. The smell of decaying plants, and all other putrefied elements made the air so heavy and almost inviting. And mixed in with all of these aromas, was the unmistakable scent of Spike, my precious child who I, at one point, held so close my own bosom and unbeating heart, but now, now he was nothing more than an enemy...

There was also the scent of Daddy, and that always made me stir. I han't been able to discern from it at first. Mixed in it had been, mixed in with everything else, and then, for a second, I almost thought it was something that Spike had dragged in with him. But it wasn't. It clung to the very air too, just like Spike's did, only separate.

And then, as we moved in deeper still, into the tunnels, we discovered the only welcoming smell that made my eyes sparkle in delight. It was a scent that I relished so many times before, something so familiar, and so lovely that it almost made me want to run towards it and embrace it and fill my dead lungs with it until nothing else existed but it.

It was Darla.

She had been through these tunnels as well. She had stood on the very spot I now stood, and I couldn't hide my excitement from my beloved then.

And then, Xavier, with his magicks showed me what I had been longing to see. Darla, right there, materialized in the orb. She looked so beautiful she did, like a lovely flower in full bloom. I almost wanted to touch her, to put my hands on the orb and bring it to me, but I didn't. The orb also showed my intrepid Spike as well, entering the house, he and his little friend. I half smiled, his time would soon come, but not it was not for mommies and sons to say hello. It was time for lovely maidens to look at each other once again and embrace each other with love lost.

The moment soon fades, and just as quickly as they had appeared in the orb, they disappeared back into it.

I was eager to find her again, so we took the tunnels towards Darla and lo and behold, we found another home, the one that had been hidden before and we cautiously entered. No invitations were needed of course, and that only made things even more exciting.

"Mmm... I wonder where grandmummy is hiding..."

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The Hellmouth at last [hellmouth_napa]

May. 27th, 2005 | 06:08 pm
mood: crankycranky

Continued from here

Europe had been most kind to me. It had been my refuge when all things had gone so wrong. It had been my safe heaven when everything that I knew was had been long lost. Forever. And then something extraordinary happened. I felt it. I felt its rise, its wakening. It was her, grandmummy, coming back from the great beyond. She was so clear as day. And at first I didn't understand why. Out of the ashes she rose and stood at the mouth of hell. I could feel her, still a part of me, like they all once were. And then the stars... the stars with their constant buzzing plagued my thoughts, plagued them until they made me see what was happening in the other side of the world. There was a strange pull, almost like a calling, something telling me to leave Europe and head towards the west. Something interestingly new was happening, something so great that I couldn't turn my back to it.

And then, there was Xavier, full of power and rage and hate, so ready to become the ruler of this new hellmouth, and destroy anything anyone that would cross his path and tried to stop him, leaving behind all that he was and starting a fresh. So much anger there and all because of a slayer. Always... always a slayer, ruining everything we build. Always there, trying to fulfill a destiny that was flawed from the beginning of time itself. Her time would soon come, and then she would pay for her sins, like all bad sinners did on the time of their judgment. And I would be there... watching... wailing and laughing at her demise. Slayer never lived long enough to see old age, and this one would be no different from the rest.

The journey to the hellmouth had been most fun. Full of many surprises, full of chaos and death. A party fit for kings and queens. That's what it had been like. Miss Edith had loved it so. All the screams on the train as we wreaked havoc in it, killing off the passengers one by one, had been like music to my ears. All of their hearts sang to such a lovely tune as they sank into the depths of death had sang to me, they had make beautiful music for me, and then simply dying out as the blood in their bodies spilled. Most wicked we all had been, and I had enjoyed it so.

Now, Xavier and I headed west, towards hell and the Napa valley, where the gates lay open and hell was awake and waiting to be fully claimed. To the place where Darla was, waiting, biding her time.

"Drusilla, I don't know if you will be able to convince Darla to do anything. If I recall, she was the bossy one out of the four of you. I have the distinct feeling that she would tell you how it was going to be if you were to meet with her, and then you would be torn between her and me, and I do not want that... Not even for a minute, mon amour."

"Shh... don't you worry about grandmummy. Don't you worry one bit about her anymore, love. You'll see what I got in stored for her. Don't you trust me?" I didn't want to speak about it anymore, it was making my head hurt too much.

I fell asleep thinking about all that my love had said. About how Darla may try and make me choose between them. It could be possible, grandmummy... such a sweet child she was, the best ever, could be so stubborn at times. But I love her to pieces and I couldn't just leave her alone. She was my child, my sweet grandmummy, and she would see things my way. We could all be a family, a new family. And it could be just like old times. It seemed like such a lovely dream.

I felt it when the car stopped. I didn't want to open my eyes, the dream was simply too lovely. But then I felt something so overpowering that I opened my eyes with a start. We were at the hellmouth, and its power was so strong. I opened up the window just a little, the sun wasn't beaming directly at us for we were in a shady spot, but as soon as the breeze blew in I could smell it.

The scent was overpowering, it was simply too strong to ignore. I knew that scent anywhere. And it was here, all over this place. And that could only mean that they knew. The scent alone was driving me mad, wished that he had burned... burned, burned, burned with all of Sunnydale, but he didn't.

"Spike was here," I hissed. "His scent is strong, stronger than some of the others smells in this place."

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Bad Girl [championsonward]

May. 27th, 2005 | 01:32 pm
mood: crazycrazy

I watched as Angel retreated into the shadows. Narrowing my eyes as they disappeared completely from my sight. I was very disappointed to see him keep his good boy facade. I had been so sure that Angelus would surface again, that he would leap out of his cage... the Angel beast's heart and rip Cordelia Chase to shreds. But her glow, the filthy seer's glow had done something, something that was simply perplexing and irritating. It had affected us too. Leonardo and me. I didn't know how, but it had changed me, it had made me think of silly thing that hadn't mattered before. It was a powerful gift to have, a dangerous gift to have... I hissed as they disappeared into the dark and wondered when we would cross paths again, and what kind of things would be said when we did.

In my anger I had forgotten where I was. I closed my eyes for a moment, and began to feel warm. I almost panicked but then remembered. Opening my eyes again, I looked out into the distance.

The sun was bright and hot, hot like the fire that burns us all. The air was heavy and light at the same time, almost as thick as honey- even the ocean breeze carried the same aroma of salt water, sand, life, and human blood. It was so much different than the cool night, the air didn't taste quite the same when the moon was out. And the sounds, all the sounds were different. They were almost as deafening as the buzzing from the stars. Everywhere I looked, every corner was full of life, full of laughter and good thoughts. Never in my life had I seen the blue of the ocean as I saw it now, so vibrant, so sparkly like champagne, with its bulbul foamy frizzle. I had never seen how the sun shone against the waves, it's rays simply hovering, almost floating on its surface giving it a glitter that almost made you want to run towards it and swim with all the fishes.

I let my mind wander off as it often liked to do. Evil thoughts filling my head, and a longing for home. Something pulling me there, but there were no stars to talk to, they were all sleeping somewhere far away, their voices distant. I trailed off once more as my eyes focused on a group of children playing in the sand, my eyes began to sparkle. We could do anything that we wanted, we could be most wicked, and eat them all right here in front of every one and no one would be able to get in our way. Mmm.... what a devilish thing that would be. But it was true.

Looking up at Leonardo, I smiled. I knew he was thinking the same thing I was. I knew he was thinking of ways to snatch one up and drink him dry. The thought made me smile even more. The world for us was now full of wicked possibilities.

Taking his hand in mine and wrapping my fingers tightly around his, I pulled him towards a child playing in the sand. The ocean water lightly graced at my feet, tickling me so deliciously. As we approached the child looked up at us with the most innocent of expressions on his face. It was enough to melt any heart that came upon it, stop it from beating and kill it dead. Luckily mine was already dead and black like they abyss.

Bad GirlCollapse )

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A New Home [hellmouth_napa]

Apr. 29th, 2005 | 11:09 pm
mood: crazycrazy

I could almost feel it. Like a change in the air, like something pulling at my insides calling to me, whispering in my ear, begging for me to come hither. It was like sweet music, the call of pure evil and I loved it. And I was sure Miss Edith would love it just like she loved all the other places that I had taken here to. She was a good little girl. Like all my sisters had been before their meaningless lives were taken by the oh, so sweet darkness.

My body still vibrated with excitement still... the screams of our victims still echoing in my head, such sweet memories. Best tea party ever... full of death and destruction, and chaos bleeding all over the floor. I was drenched in blood that I almost wanted to lick myself like a kitten. My mind still euphoric from all the death and cocaine and sex.

I danced about the train, truly enjoying the artwork my Xavier had carved with his own fangs. I waltzed about and skipped some of the dead while I stepped on other. And sang songs, songs my mummy used to sing to me when I was little.

"Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, they all fall down, down, down..."

I embraced Helene and kissed her cheek. She was so strong and so beautiful; it almost made you want to gobble her up whole and kiss her. I smiled at her, smelling Penn all over her, the blood of her victims flowing through her making her all warm. She was so vicious and so new- it was lovely.

The coolness of the outside world swooned in to the speeding train, cooling my skin. Tickling me in every way. We were so close; I could almost taste the power of the Hellmouth. I skipped around some more and made my way towards Xavier, and I got near I threw my arms around him and planted a careless kiss... I could taste the power within him and it made me hot with desire...

"We're here love, I can feel it... I can feel the power; it's calling to me. I can almost taste it. I can hear it whispering in my ear... our playground awaits with open arms- its ripe and ready just begging for us to take it..."

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Just Another Night [championsonward]

Apr. 16th, 2005 | 12:15 pm
mood: annoyedannoyed

It was all so disappointing. I hadn't expected things to go this way. I wanted my darling daughter to be enraged, to see things with her new eyes and hate everything and everyone. But she didn't. That seer and Angel subdued her.

We climbed out of the tree and walked out of the cemetery. The night was still young, and the stars kept calling to me. A smiled crossed my face and then I thought about my no armed daughter, she was like a doll I once had, no arms and all. And I had burned her, burned her until she melted onto the floor.

She was helpless... my child. She couldn't even eat a child without it pushing her away and giggling for her monstrosity. And Angel was smart. He knew what had to be done, and the moment she lost her temper and began to loose control and her vacant heart called to evil, he would have to kill her, because he wasn't going to be able to stand seeing her like that.

He was so predictable. Always had been, even when he was Angelus. He was to full of shame and guilt for all his past sins, even to look upon me reminded him of my days as a human girl. He knows he made me what I was today and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I did want to see the look on his face when he had to kill my Gwen. It would have been priceless, but then again, just the thought of him suffering made all my anger subside. The look on his face when she rose from her deathbed had been so amazingly powerful that I almost wanted to burst out in song and laughter.

I loved how a small piece of him almost died all over again. But truly it was a priceless moment until the seer ruined everything... Cordelia. She'll get her just rewards soon enough. They both will.

But for now I was satisfied with just the thought that Angel would soon have to snuff Gwen's undead life, one way or another it will happen and when it did, I would feel it. It will pass right through me like air and it will fill my mind with pictures. But we were all connected. He was granddaddy now and I was a mommy again and the blood connected us all.

"So what no love?" I asked Leonardo, a small pout on my face, but my eyes twinkling like stars in the darkness.

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Train of Death hellmouth_napa

Apr. 7th, 2005 | 03:07 pm
mood: weirdwicked

The train was moving fast against the wind and the lulling sound of it lulled me like a lullaby. Most of its passengers so unaware of the plague that had spread throughout the small compartments. Everything echoed and resonated in my sensitive ears... I could feel the hellmouth getting ever so close- my new home and my playground, just there for the taking, eagerly awaiting its new master with open arms.

In the distance I could hear cries and whimpers, Penn and Helene were probably being naughty and spreading a painful death to anyone that they laid eyes upon. It ticked my wicked just to imagine all the dreadful things that they were doing.

And my Xavier... his mind was full of evil thoughts, swimming and swimming in hate and blinding rage that spread through him and onto the train like darkness.

Soon enough I let my senses take over, my eyes searching through the compartments for any sign of life. I smiled as Xavier and I came upon a family of five. A mother, father two lovely daughters and a young boy. I wanted to kill them all off quickly, just for fun… one by one snuff the life until there was nothing but the song that they left behind after they were all dead.

I grabbed the woman by the hair and tossed her along with one of the pretty little girls to him. The father came at me with all of his rage and anger but in one simple swoop I took him by the neck and broke it off so that his head dangled to one side. I almost pounced on the terrified brother and sister. Ready to drink them dry, but not before having a little fun of my own with them.

"Now my babes, why don’t you show mommy your fear so that it can be the last thing she hears." I said with a wicked smile.

"What- what are you?" The boy asked, and I smiled even more, showing him my fangs.

"I’m the thing that’s going to drink you dry and condemn your soul to eternal damnation, pretty one." I said pulling him close to me, but not before slapping the girl hard, so hard in fact that she fell on to the floor, almost unconscious.

"Would you like to know what hell looks like?"

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Agony, Torment, Only Further Dramatized championsonward

Mar. 26th, 2005 | 01:26 pm
mood: mischievouswicked

"Did anyone ever tell you that your wickedness is matched only by your beauty?"

Leonardo- he sure knew how to make an old fashioned girl blush. I smiled at him wickedly. The sun was high up in the clouds still but it was only a matter of time before the moon and the stars pushed it over and began their nightly rain and twinkle, and once that happened my little monstrous child would be reborn and suffer in death what she suffered in life. The perfect punishment for one so wicked as her.

We would bury my little poppet, in a shallow grave and make her kick and wiggle and eat her way out of her death bead of dirt and flowers. So monstrous and alone and cold into the night and hungry, thirsting with pangs in her tummy and she won't even be able to clutch. I giggled at the thought- no longer was she a pity in my eyes, now she was a child, my precious monster child.

"I like the plan, cheri. I just hope that we can watch her rise and then watch Angel have to stake her and feel his agony, his torment, only further dramatized."

And that was a treat all on its own for daddy had been most naughty, and didn't want to come back to the world of us, to me. Tsk. Tsk. Burning me and grandmummy so badly by that warehouse. He hadn't been the Angel beast back then, or Angelus, but something quite new. This would be his just reward for that date. And on her grave there will there will not be the date of her birth but the date of that day and he will remember that I am an orphan now and deliver her from her suffering and suffer more for being too late.

"His suffering will be eternal as was his kiss," I cooed.

I watched the heap of flesh that lay on the floor and frowned. No daughter of mine deserved to be so filthy before her birth. I bent down and moved the strands of hair that fell on her face and kissed her forehead. She was dead now, and the dead don't weep, they sleep. It was time to clean up the bloody messes and put her insides back where they belonged and prepare for her arrival. Such a ritual should be perform like every other.

I took her to the bathroom, and there, I placed her gently on the tub, letting the water run warm and cleaned her face and all of her up with a sponge. After all, I was not a bad person, and this would soon be my child. And even though it would be short lived, I couldn't not love her like the rest of my children for I was always a good mommy. I could feel Leonardo's eyes upon me and it made me smile.

As I washed her hair I began to sing to her... a lullaby my mommy used to sing to me when I was little, just softly in her ear. Washing away all her blood, all her salty tears, just the perfect little deformed princess that mommy loved.

Soon after we were ready, the mess on the floor and all the torture toy put away for another day. The sun was just beginning to set, and the Angel beast and his seer grew near. I could feel them like the breeze, you know its there and yet it's invisible... but there they were, humming in my ears like little lost bees. I wrapped my child in soft blankets and turned to Leonardo, smiling, beaming, ready to watch the birth of Gwen.

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The Fire that Burns us mouths_of_hell

Mar. 26th, 2005 | 12:42 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful

My boys, they made me giggle when they fought each other with blade like words; it was like music to my ears. It's always been this way, always with them, Spike trying to be better at everything that Angelus was. And I loved that he tried, I loved that about my prince. And daddy, he was always taunting, and pushing buttons, he didn't have grandmummy now to pull him back or keep him occupied and out of boredom, but now he had another little blond that filled his own Darla obsession. He traded one blond for another. This was going to be fun to watch, and daddy was the master of obsessions and torture.

This was my lil' family, this is all I had left in the world now, and we were back together-- minus grandmummy, but that was all daddy's fault, but that made me the woman of the court now, and I liked that. How I had waited for my little family to come back to me, and now we were all complete. Perhaps we could go out hunting like we did before to bring us all closer together, perhaps when my sweet William was all better and then Sunnydale would be a town filled with terror and not even the little blond Slayer would be able to touch us.

I floated back down and out of my own thoughts to hear their bickering and hugged myself enjoying ever minute of the poison being spat out at each other...

"Instead of worrying about my girl, maybe you should be worrying about the slayer coming here to avenge your bloody pointless bed games with the teacher."

Ah my sweet prince, he always knew how to make mommy giggle with delight. Brought my hands to his shoulders and then sat on him, giving him a sweet dark smile, then rested my head on his shoulders while I looked at daddy and his wicked ways...

"Don't worry about Buffy, roller boy, I got it under control."

Yes- daddy's always in control, always one step ahead of the lot. I wondered what else he had in stored for little miss slayer her-- her band of freaks.

Spike smelled so good that it made me croon in his lap feeling safe and warm and loved. But just like that all of those feelings are washed away by a ghostly fire that sets ablaze the table in front of us. So close are the flames to us, I could feel my insides burning. my first instinct is to run away from the flames and I do... far where they cannot reach me- Spike is right behind me, but daddy... daddy is just so stubborn.

He tries to cut across at the end of the table and gets hit in the shoulder with a crossbow bolt. He grabs it to pull it out while looking to see whom the attacker is. And just like that he appears... face like the Black Death, ready to die at any moment and not care. Rupert Giles is his name, and he walks toward Angelus with a baseball bat. Daddy pulls the bolt out and throws it aside. But the grieving man puts the end of the bat into the flames, and it catches fire. He swings it and hits Angelus in the face, then again on the return swing and daddy staggers and bends down.

I want to go to him, but the fire is so hot- but it's daddy, and daddy would help me if I were in the flames... wouldn't he? I watch in horror as the man wails the bat at daddy several times and I can no longer watch, I began to make my move to intervene to give daddy the chance he needs to fight back, but Spike holds me back...

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